Shunga Erotic Art with Sable

Shunga Erotic Art with Sable

It's the month of celebrating love.

Love of others, love of self, any love and all love. Sometimes finding ways to communicate or share that love can seem complicated especially with our busy lives. And hey, we all have different "love languages". With that in mind I wanted to find products that could be shared for greater intimacy and connection or used alone in an effort to practice self love and de-stress. Lucky for me The Exotic Peach carries Shunga Erotic Art.

Originally developed in the 1980's for couples they have spent decades improving and expanding their product line to not only include luxurious bath and body products but also intimate massagers. Despite seeing elegant looking oils and other Shunga Erotic Art products throughout the years I jumped at the opportunity to try their Sea Salt Crystals Moonlight Bath with "aphrodisiac scents" and their Kissable Massage Cream because nothing sounded more appealing than a beautifully scented soak and a nice massage after a hard night's work. I lit a few candles and put the lotus flower crystals in the bath. I was instantly transported to a rich exotic paradise of colored water and flowers. So soothing and so relaxing my stressful week just melted away. After I used the Almond Sweetness Kissable massage cream on my feet and legs I was fully in relax mode. I loved how the cream had a delicate scent and wasn't greasy. Being a massage cream it didn't absorb too quickly but I didn't feel oily after which I love. What about the flavor you ask? Yes, I tasted it and it's slightly sweet but not too sweet. I chose to practice self love and use these products by myself but they truly are meant to enhance couple intimacy through scent, taste, touch, and closeness. 

Whether you are practicing self love or taking the time to enjoy loving someone else I highly recommend the Shunga Erotic Art products at The Exotic Peach to enhance your experience.

Try them out and let me know what you think!



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